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Fielding Aids

The Fungo Bat is designed to give coaches a better feel for hitting ground balls and fly balls. The light weight makes hitting easier and won't tire you out after hitting to your infielders all day. Fungo Bats come in several different materials, including aluminum, ash and maple. Aluminum doesn't sound quite as nice, but if it is a community equipment bag and lots of people are going to be using the gear. Then Aluminum would be a longer lasting solution.

We are a huge endorser of Mizuno products, they have never failed us. Here are nice selection from This is a great deal on a super well made bat.

Easton MLF-3 Maple Fungo

Price: 47.99
Retail Price: 52.99

Louisville Slugger K100 All-Purpose Fungo

Price: 35.99
Retail Price: 40.99

Mizuno Classic Fungo Baseball Bat

Price: 54.99
Retail Price: 69.99

Rawlings 114AP Fungo Bat

Price: 34.99
Retail Price: 39.99

Louisville Slugger S345 All-Purpose Fungo

Price: 39.99
Retail Price: 44.99

Jugs Sports Fixed-Frame Square Fungo Screen

Price: 219.99
Retail Price: 234.99

Sam Bats Corkscrew Fungo

Price: 129.99
Retail Price: 144.99

DeMarini Aluminum Fungo Baseball Bat

Price: 64.99
Retail Price: 79.99

Rawlings 114MPC Big Stick Composite Pro Wood Fungo Bat

Price: 49.99
Retail Price: 54.99

DeMarini Fungodelic Wood Composite Fungo

Price: 89.99
Retail Price: 104.99

Nokona FB-100 36 inch American Maple Fungo

Price: 69.99
Retail Price: 84.99

Easton Fungo F4

Price: 49.99
Retail Price: 54.99

Mattingly Round Handle Fungo

Price: 39.99
Retail Price: 44.99